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  • Marcus

How BE YELLOW got it's name 💛

So how did we BE(come) YELLOW? I'll share that with you now.

Have you ever heard of a book called Surrounded By Idiots? It's a very interesting read about personality types, and how by understanding them can make communication easier.

Personality styles are broken down into 4 colours, Red ❤️, Blue 💙, Green 💚 & Yellow 💛


Yellow personalities are typically relationship focused.

They're enthusiastic, excitable, and they love to talk! Full of imagination and creativity, they can have their head in the clouds and are often broad-stroke thinkers. And although they can be a little self-absorbed at times, they are friendly, warm and enjoyable to be around.

Reading this, I couldn't help but laugh at how on the nose these descriptions were of Hayley. So I started to joke with her...

"If you ever launch a new agency, you should call it, Be Yellow!"

My words were meant to be a playful tease. But instead... she LOVED IT! Typical yellow! 💛

Cat in pot, with BE YELLOW text background

Whilst travelling, we decided to start working again, but felt our old 'Boxed Out' brand didn't represent us any more. We needed to find a name that summarised our longing to create a business based on freedom, joy and balance.

In a moment of curiosity, I tested the BE YELLOW name in a logo generator. Something about that name just looked so good on screen!

I remember uttering the words; "I'll probably regret showing you this!" as I turn my computer around to face Hayley.

"OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!!!!" she squealed. You really can't beat a yellow 

 for enthusiasm! 💛

It all felt so organic to our new business plans, almost fate-like.

And so from that point, we embraced our new yellow persona.

Marcus x


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