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Digital Marketing vs Public Relations; and How Business Benefit From Each

I remember the pause and the slightly awkward feeling. I was asked how Public Relations and Digital Marketing differed in their outcomes, and even though I had been working with both for years, I couldn't put it into a simple sentence.

So if you're not sure on the difference, believe me, you're not alone. 

However if you're looking to grow a business, it's important that you understand the difference between Digital Marketing & PR, their aims, and their benefits.

Knowing when to utilise each or both can be crucial for the success of any brand.

So when planning your growth strategy, think:

Create sales - Digital Marketing

Create your story - Public Relations

Know your audience - DM

Influence your audience - PR

Brand exposure - DM

Brand trust - PR

Boost scaleability - DM

Boost credibility - PR

Be an experimenter - DM

Be an expert - PR

So to put it simply (and slightly crudely):

Digital Marketing is about selling

Public Relations is about image

At times they may overlap, but what's important is that they both communicate and feed into each other. 

This ensures your business develops healthily and sustainable momentum, leading to longterm growth.

Marcus x


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