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Tips on Ethical Influencer Marketing

Why you should care about ethical influencer marketing?

As customers get more savvy and look towards authenticity, ethical influencer marketing is essential in building trust, loyalty and connection 🙏

Influencer marketing can be a controversial marketing strategy.

Brands that prioritise authentic, honest and socially good campaigns that aren't just about 🤑 will see higher engagement and conversion rates.

But how can businesses develop ethical and engaging influencer campaigns? 🤷‍♀️

Yellow Flower Girl on BE YELLOW Blog

So here are our tips on Ethical Influencer Marketing.

Campaigns must be;

️ ✅ Transparent

️ ✅ Authentic

️ ✅ Compensative

️ ✅ Advertising and data compliant

️ ✅ Diversity and Inclusion led

️ ✅ Socially impactful and purpose led

️ ✅ Focused on long term relationships

️ ✅ Goal orientated

By prioritising all of the above, brands and businesses can navigate the complex landscape of influencer marketing with integrity, and develop value driven campaigns that make an impact 💥

Hayley x


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