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Why Sustainability Is Important, For Every Business

Believe sustainability won't impact your business? It already does!

According to a recent study by Nielsen, 81% of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment 🌍

This shift towards sustainability is not just a trend, but a fundamental change in consumer and client expectations.

Flowers In Grass For Sustainable Business Image

So if you're building a business, now's the time to assess your sustainability goals ♻

Product-based businesses can look into:

 🙌 Reducing manufacturing waste and implementing recycling processes

 🙌 Making an effort to switch to using sustainable and recycled materials

 🙌 Working with suppliers who also support and commit to sustainability practices

And for service-based businesses:

 🙌 Promoting remote work to reduce commuting-related emissions

 🙌 Switching off electronic devices and lights when they're not in use

 🙌 Offsetting your C02 emissions. At BE YELLOW we're proud to have partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset our 2024 emissions

Let's all try and make sure that there's a planet for us to do business on in the future! 💚

Marcus x


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